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Ole Bulldogs (VLM)

My name is Víctor López Márquez, and I have been fortunate to be surrounded by bulldogs through my life. My father acquired our first bulldog circa 1979-1980 and since that date we’ve been owners, breeders and expositors of English Bulldogs.

English Bulldogs

We have always tried to breed not only dogs that fit the standar, because we also think that healthy dogs had the same priority. Up today we have bred or own Mexican, American, International and World Champions. I´m member of the FCM, AKC, CBCM, and BCA.


In 1981, we had our first litter in the kennel, since that date we have been breeding and showing this exciting breed, having the knowledge and friendship of mexican and international breeders.


In 1998, I had the honor of being invited by the Bulldog Club of Mexico City to judge a math show, my pick for Best of Match the next year got the title of Junior World Champion 1999.


In September 2009, I was invited by the Texoma Bulldog Club to judge a sweepstake in Oklahoma City. In 2010, I judge all breed match in Ensenada, Baja California.


In 2010, I judge a specialty show in Mexico my BOB was winner bitch a few months later at BCA National.


In 2011, I judge a sweepstake in Seattle, my BIS was later Ch.


In 2012, I judge specialty shows in Colombia & Salvador. In 2012, I judge a Frenchie Specialty in Mexico.


In 2013, I judge a specialty in OKC, US, being the first mexican breeder to judge a specialty show in US.


In 2014, I judge Brazil specialty show at their National week of Abrabull Club.


For 2015, I´m invited to judge in California, US. Actually I have license to judge English & French Bulldog, but I want to have more breeds to be all breed judge.


In dobermans we start in 1992, with a beautiful female bred by Alberto de la Vega owner of AMV Dobermans, this female got 3 titles CH. CD , CDX.


In 2000 we fly to Argentina to bred with the famous Nello´s Lex Luthor, one of the best Dobermans of all the World. We always try to have dogs that are good for beauty and temperament.

Labrador Retriever

With Labrador Retriever we got our first dog in 1998 from the kennel Queijeiro Retrievers, this female was Nicoleta Queijeiro, she got in 1999 the tittle of Junior World Champion and Mexican Champion of the World Show 1999.

We breed & show English Bulldogs, and once in a while Frenchies & Doberman.